Five Ways To Save Water In Your Home


By Dave Bangar

Five Ways To Save Water in Your Home

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Tips For Reducing Water Consumption

Whether you’re looking to reduce your water bills or maintain a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly lifestyle, reducing your water consumption offers many benefits for Kelowna homeowners. 

In this article, we will go over what these benefits are, along with the steps you can take to save water in your Kelowna home. Keep reading to find out what they are.

The Benefits of Reducing Water Consumption

From making life more affordable to helping the planet, there are so many amazing benefits to be had from just making small changes in your lifestyle in order to reduce your overall water consumption at home. Below, we will explore just a few of these benefits in more detail.

Lower Water Bills

Your monthly water bills can get to be pretty expensive if you aren’t conscious of how much water you are using in your home. When you make an effort to use less water day-to-day, it can lead to significant cost savings over time, especially for households that pay for water usage based on consumption.

Reduced Energy Costs

It takes a lot of energy to pump, treat, and heat water for household use. So when you use less water, you indirectly reduce energy consumption which helps decrease your carbon footprint and reduce energy costs.

Help The Environment

Climate change is expected to have a significant impact on water levels in many regions around the world. However, reducing your own personal water consumption is an easy, inexpensive way to help preserve water levels.

How to Start Reducing Water Usage at Home

Ready to start taking steps towards using less water at home? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Practice Responsible Water Use

There are many small ways you can use less water at home during your everyday life. This includes:

  • Turning off any faucets while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Take shorter showers 
  • Reduce how frequently you use your washing machine and dishwasher
  • Only use your sprinkler when needed

Collect and Reuse Water

Collecting and reusing water is a great way to live more sustainably and can also significantly reduce your overall water consumption. 

You can easily install a rainwater harvesting system at your home to collect rainwater that can be used to water your garden. You can also collect and reuse graywater from washing your dishes or doing laundry and use it for irrigation.

Practice Smart Landscaping and Gardening:

Along with reusing water in your garden, here are some other ways you can garden more sustainably:

  • Choose plants that require less water
  • Group plants together that require the same amount of water
  • Use mulch to help retain moisture
  • Water plants early in the morning or late in the evening so there is less evaporation

Check For Leaks

Unsuspecting leaks are one of the biggest causes of excess water usage and high water bills, so keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

  • Your water bills are higher than normal
  • Mould, mildew patches
  • Wet spots on your ceiling
  • Musty smells
  • Low water pressure

If you are experiencing any of the above and suspect you have a leak in your plumbing system, contact a plumber immediately to fix the problem so you can avoid wasting water.

Install Low-Flow Fixtures

It’s no secret that old plumbing fixtures and toilets use excessive amounts of water and should be replaced to help conserve water. For example, did you know that older toilets use a whopping five to seven gallons of water per flush?

Low-flow fixtures, however, like shower heads, faucets, and toilets, use significantly less water than regular fixtures, making them an amazing option for any homeowner looking to reduce their water usage. In fact, having a low-flow toilet can help you save up to 700 litres of water each year!

If you are considering installing low-flow fixtures in your home or need help fixing a leak, contact our team of plumbers today.

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