Video Camera Inspection

My Plumber Kelowna Video Camera Inspection

At My Plumber Kelowna, we are dedicated to achieving proficiency and accuracy in all our services. And we do this by deploying plumbing video camera inspection for the diagnosis of all plumbing issues. Our top-notch camera equipment enables us to identify the precise cause of the problem as well as the site of damage. These inspections also help us evade future plumbing problems.

What Can Video Camera Inspection Detect?

A video camera inspection is the best way to detect problems that are otherwise overlooked. Our expert technicians can identify the following problems using a camera inspection technique:

  • Accumulated debris in the pipes
  • Cracks or damages in the different sections of the pipe
  • Any clogging or blockages such as grime and grease
  • Incorrectly fitted joints
  • The penetration of tree roots

Schedule a Video Camera Inspection Today

If your home’s plumbing system has not been inspected in a while, you must call our professionals for an expert evaluation. Our plumbers will use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose clogs or leakages and identify the source.

Undiscovered water leaks can cause immense damage to your property over time. It is best to find and repair them early on to prevent major problems in your sewer and plumbing system. Our video inspection services are the greatest way to prevent future emergencies. Our highly sophisticated and waterproof plumbing video camera allows us to save your money, time, and effort in all plumbing services. We can swiftly identify the damage and repair it without tearing up your house.

So go ahead and get in touch with our trained plumbers to avail of our innovative plumbing solutions.