Water Leak Detection Services

My Plumber Kelowna Water Leak Detection Services

Do you hear running water despite your faucet being turned off? You may have a leak. We are the experts in water leak detection. Don't wait for your leak to worsen. We are available 24/7; call us at 250-601-0000.

Water leaks can start as little insignificant problems, but the little drips from your kitchen or bathroom faucets can be annoying. However, if you let them be, they will surely cause a major leak in in the future, and wreak havoc.

Don’t wait to call My Plumber Kelowna even if you see a minor leak. Get it fixed by our professionals and avoid potentially big damages to your property.

We find your leaks quickly

Most water leaks can be put down to a loose washer that can be replaced. However, when the leaks come from the basement or somewhere in the middle of a pipe, things get tricky.

Our professional will:

  • Do a primary inspection of the leaking area
  • Find the source of the leak using multiple techniques
  • Find the best way to fix the leak, so that it does not happen again.

We service hundreds of leaked pipes in the Greater Kelowna area every month, and we understand the local water supply and drainage systems, better than anybody else. Our plumbers and technicians are trained to not only fix the leaks, but also predict future water leaks with a thorough inspection of your plumbing system.

Experts to identify the source of leaks

Many of the water leaks that we have fixed for our customers come from very unusual sources. While a majority of them are minor problems, we also find cases where the leaks come from:

  • The underground water supply system
  • Inside the walls where the pipes are connected to your kitchen and bathroom
  • The drainage pan and other parts of the system

We can help you find the source of the leaks without having to drain your plumbing system completely. This means that you can carry on with your life with minimal disruption, while our experts find the fix the problem for you.

Why report leaked pipes immediately

Most people think that a small leak in pipes means only a few gallons of extra water used, but it can cause far more damage.

For instance:

  • One leak can cause an overload on other parts of your plumbing system
  • If a pipe bursts inside your home, you are potentially looking at water damage to your valuable possessions
  • If the leaks are from the underground drainage system outside your home, it may flood the entire area in case of burse pipes

All that water gushing out is registered in your meter, and you can see your water bills skyrocketing. This is why we encourage our customers do an inexpensive checking of your systems, even if you detect the smallest of leaks.

What causes leaks?

The most dangerous types of water leaks are those that are hidden from the plain view. In our experience, such leaks can be caused by:

  • Shifting of pipes due to wear and tear
  • Overflow of the drainage pan
  • Roots growing in your pipes, because of constantly moist conditions

Since these leaks most likely occur under the foundation of your homes, you will need to be extra careful about noticing and reporting them. Before we fix the root of the problem, we first find out the underlying causes of the leak. Once we know the problem, we can implement the best solutions pretty quickly.

What we do

The techniques used by our plumbers to detect the source of leaks depend on their cause, location, and severity. For those leaks that are not visible on the outside, we snake a camera into each and every pipe, so that we can see clearly which area of the any pipe is the starting point.

For leaks that are inside the walls of underground, we use thermal leak detection. This is done by using very sensitive instruments that detect the difference in temperature, and pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

If the leak is being caused by a broken pipe, we find its location by using a ground mic with ultra-sensitive probes that will detect vibrations caused by broke pipes. Sometimes, we have to use a combination of these techniques in order to find particular tricky and deeply buried water leaks.

Prevent first

Most water leaks can fortunately be prevented from happening in the first place, provided that you are careful and proactive:

  • Schedule regular inspection and maintenance of your plumbing system with us
  • Look for even the slightest signs of drain clogs, so you can schedule a thorough cleaning of the drainage system

Please do not hesitate to give us a call at My Plumber Kelowna in the new Greater Kelowna area, even if you have the slightest doubt regarding your water system. Our plumbers and technicians are equipped to handle all kinds of problems, and will be able to solve your leaks and fix them pretty quickly.

Don't let water leaks wreak havoc in your life. If you suspect a leak, call us today at 250-601-0000 and we will dispatch a tech out to you immediately.