Sewer Drains

Bid Adieu to Clogged Drains by Hiring Us at My Plumber Kelowna

Does your sink drain get clogged more often? Make your drains work functionally again by counting on our services. At My Plumber Kelowna, our team can offer drain cleaning and sewer cleaning solutions at affordable rates. Please consult us for an estimate today. Here are the signs when you must contact us.

Signs of Drain Issues: When to Consult Us?

Although a few drain issues may get undermined, there are drain-related problems. Some of them include the following:

  • Gurgling, sloshing and slow water movement indicate a clogged drain
  • Lack of water flow is a sign of a blockage
  • Grease and fat build-up
  • Fiber and hair fiber accumulation
  • Accidental disposal of personal care products, paper products, and more
  • Damaged piping that causes drain blockage

Why Hire Us?

Reap the benefits of professional sewer drain cleaning solutions. Achieve these results by consulting us:

  • Alleviate unpleasant plumbing odors
  • Promote the flow of proper drain
  • Extend the plumbing system’s life

The squad at My Plumber Kelowna does not only furnish A-graded drain cleaning. But we also work to develop & maintain professional relationships with our clients. Reach out to us today for complete plumbing replacement or repair.