Emergency Plumbing 24/7

Emergency Plumbing 24/7

Kelowna Emergency Plumbing Services

Do you have a burst pipe? Do you suspect your gas line is leaking? These are plumbing emergencies! My Plumber Kelowna, LTD. can come to your rescue. For immediate service, call us at 250-601-0000

Your plumbing system for the most part is an invisible aspect of your home or commercial space. You don’t notice problems, until they clog or leak in a big way. When that happens, all you need to do is give My Plumber Kelowna a call. We will send in our specialist team of plumbers anywhere in Greater Kelowna to fix the problem. They will limit the damage as much as possible.

Burst pipes

A burst pipe leads to gushing of water at an incredible rate. If the pressure is particularly high, it can flood your home within no time. Not only can it cause property damage in an around your house, but it can also:

  • Lead to growth of moulds in the hidden areas of your home
  • Cause your water pump motor to work overtime and then burst
  • Skyrocket your water bill

On a regular basis, it is important to notice if any of your pipes have developed cracks. Today’s cracked pipe is tomorrow’s burst pipe. If you have a burst pipe, call us immediately, and our technicians will be at your location within an hour.

If the flooding in and around the property has gone out of control, we use our sophisticated sump pumps to drain it out. Our technicians in Metro Kelowna and surrounding areas can remove all the water that has gushed out due to the burst pipe in a few hours. We also reduce the damage of the flood with the sump pumps, while fixing the burst pipes at the same time.

Clogged toilets

This is another one of the most common reasons why our customers call up on our emergency plumbing services. In many cases, a clogged toilet results from a small or moderately sized thing that is blocking passage of water. You can easily fix this yourself using a cheap plunger.

However, if the clog is heavier, then you could do much better using the expert skills of our professional plumbers. We can help you unclog drains and toilets, even when the clog is deep inside the drainage system.

The most difficult types of clogs to remove are the ones that build up over time. They take a bit more time, but we have helped hundreds of customers remove those as well.

The most common cause of clogged toilets is flushing items that are not meant to go down the drain, but into garbage cans. This includes toilet paper, tissues and even cat litter. Most people think that cat litter is best flushed down the toilet, but it is actually very hard and can clog up your drain badly over a few weeks.

Avoiding emergencies

While we are happy to provide plumbing assistance in the Metro Kelowna area during a water emergency, we encourage you to take steps to prevent them from happening in the first place. Fixing a broken pipe or unclogging a badly clogged drainage system, costs more than simple maintenance.

Here is what we recommend:

  • Schedule regular maintenance and inspections at least once a year with qualified and registered plumbers and technicians
  • Contact My Plumber Kelowna if you notice even the slightest of leaks, or a slowly moving draining system.
  • Do not flush things like plastic bags or toilet paper, because they can clog up the system either suddenly or slowly by accumulating over the years

We offer very affordable and reliable plumbing maintenance services, mainly in Greater Kelowna, but also the surrounding regions. We save a lot of money and time for our clients by pre-empting plumbing issues and fixing them, before they get big, and lead to a much larger bills.

We're here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you have a plumbing emergency, call the experts from My Plumber Kelowna, LTD. today at 250-601-0000!