Burst Pipe Repair

My Plumber Kelowna Burst Pipe Repair

A burst pipe can cause extensive damage to your home. Don't let this emergency cause chaos in your life. Call us today at 250-601-0000 and we will dispatch a technician right away.

A burst pipe is one of those things that you should never delay in fixing. When you notice or suspect a burst or cracked pipe at your homes, immediately call us at My Plumber Kelowna. We send our technicians all across Greater Kelowna to inspect and repair all types of leakage issues. They will reach your homes or offices as soon as possible, and take the best measures to ensure safety or your property.

What can a burst pipe do?

Burst pipes, depending on where they are located, can be either moderately or highly dangerous. In the best case, they will cause leakage and cause high water bills. At their worst, they can flood your property, and even the neighbouring areas. Some of the most common problems that result from burst pipes include:

  • Moulds growing on walls and ceilings, leading to unhealthy air circulation, and weakling of walls and basements.
  • They cause strain on other parts of your plumbing system, which can later lead to bigger damages.
  • Reduced pressure on the water outlets
  • Limits the efficiency of your water supply

Our technicians will make sure that a single burst pipe does not cause some or all of the above problems. They are trained and licensed to find burst pipes, even if they are hidden deep inside. They will efficiently replace them without having to chip through your walls completely. We will make sure your burst pipes are removed and replaced safely. More importantly, the new ones will last for decades.

You can also call us ahead of seeing any signs of burst pipes, so that we can inspect your plumbing system, and make sure that there are no pipes that are likely to burst anytime soon.

Why do pipes burst?

There could be many causes for burst pipes, but in the Metro Kelowna area, the most common cause is freezing, due to the cold weather. When water in the pipes turns to ice, it expands, causing a lot of strain on the metal pipes. If the pressure is strong enough, they will eventually develop cracks and burst.

Old pipes are also more prone to bursting if they are more than 10 years old. Most likely, the seals will have worn out, and they cause the pipes to develop cracks, and even burst if the pressure is too high. Plastic pipes are also prone to bursting because they react with the chlorine in your water supply, and this gradually weakens their walls. This is why it is important that you get your old pipes checked routinely, even if they have shown no signs of bursting yet.

Another very common cause of bursting of pipes that we have experienced with our customers in Greater Kelowna is, the roots of trees growing into the underground pipes. Weeds and roots of trees that grow here are extremely strong, and they can cause even metal pipes to strain and eventually burst.

Where do burst pipes normally occur?

In our experience at My Plumber Kelowna, burst pipes occur most commonly in areas where the piping is hidden from the open air.

These include:

  • Pipes deep inside walls
  • Under your property, and in the drainage systems
  • Pipes in the attic, where there is very little air flow

Burst pipes are also most common during winters, when there is heavy snow, and when the water flow is slower.

How to tell a burst pipe?

We strongly believe that the best time to fix a burst pipe is, before it bursts. However, it is not always possible to tell when a pipe could potentially burst. Here are some signs that can tell you whether you need to call My Plumber Kelowna:

  • You can hear running water, even when all the faucets are closed (this may also be a sign of ice melting)
  • Water dripping from your walls and ceiling
  • Excessive moulds appearing on your ceiling and walls.
  • Higher water bills than usual

All of the above are most likely caused by burst pipes, so we encourage you to contact us immediately, without any delay. If you live in and around the Metro Kelowna area, we will be able to reach you within 2 hours.

Preventing burst pipes

Just because burst pipes are common in this region, does not mean that you cannot prevent them from happening in the first place.

Here are some tips to prevent them:

  • Make sure as much of your piping is exposed to circulating air, so that it will receive as much warmth as possible
  • During winters, keep your facets open just a little bit, so they can drip as flowing water will not freeze, and cause the pipe to burst.
  • Protect your pipes with insulated sleeves, so they get some degree of warmth
  • Leave your cabinet and attic doors open, when you leave home for more than 2 days, so that the pipes receive warmth from the air

A burst pipe requires immediate action from property owners, so call us right away when you see any signs of it. We promise you that we will act on it immediately, and fix the pipe before it causes more serious damage to your home or outdoors.