My Plumber Kelowna Garburator Installation & Repair

A responsible homeowner seems diligent in preventing large pieces of food from going down the sink. But there’s always an amount of food that will slip through, and the pipe catches them. That’s where garbage disposals become a saviour solution. If you have one, you already know it will shred the food waste into small pieces. That way, it passes through the pipe more easily without clogging it.

Is your garburator making loud noises and not working how it should? The blades could need replacement. We can assist you in resolving your garbage disposal headache. Reach us at 250-601-0000 and we will dispatch a plumber the same day!

In fact, your garburator is one of the lifelines of your home, but you will only notice it when it is not working properly. If there’s a problem with it, it won’t just break up all your garbage, and may gradually clog up your drain. When that happens, you have our expert technicians at My Plumber Kelowna to help you resolve the issue.

If you live in the Metro Kelowna area and suspect a malfunction or any problem with your garbage disposal, then give us a call. We will be at your service in no time.

We will find the source of the problem and fix it by using advanced techniques. Because we have worked with thousands of garbage disposals in the region, both commercial and residential, we have acquired tremendous knowledge about where the problems commonly occur with these systems. Don’t worry as long as My Plumber Kelowna is by your side.

Common problems with garburators

Here are the most common problems that we encounter with disposal systems in the Greater Kelowna area:

  • Loud noises coming from inside the system
  • Problems while turning on the system
  • Clogging because the disposal didn’t crush the garbage properly
  • Leaks coming from the disposal or from a connected pipe
  • Jamming

What we do

Disposals routinely get jammed when large or irregularly shaped objects are tossed into the system, or if they land at an awkward angle. In that case, we clear the jam by opening up the socket hole and clearing the masher plate. More frequent jams hint at a deeper problem, so we probe deeper to find their root cause.

If the motor does not turn on at all, there is either a problem with the power supply or the disposal motor has shut down because of the excessive heat generated. Usually, pressing the overload button resets the motor. However, give us a call if that does not do the trick, as there may be a problem with the motor itself.

When the garburator leaks, the problem is usually somewhere in the plumbing system. Our expert plumbers will do a basic inspection to find out if the leak is superficial. If not, we probe deeper using our sensitive diagnostic tools to find the source of the leak. Whether it is underground or inside one of your walls, our technicians will pinpoint them for you.

One of the most common problems, we are called to fix with disposals in the Greater Kelowna area, is the grinding noises made by the system. This mostly happens because of worn-out blades that are not sharp enough to cut through hard objects. It could also be because of the loosened screws due to wear and tear. When this happens, we either replace the blades with new ones or tighten the screws, so that they work more efficiently.

A solution to every problem

Many of our customers in the Metro Kelowna area have been with us for many years. We are able to provide a viable solution to every kind of problem faced with garbage disposal. All you need to do is give us a call and tell us what needs fixing, and we will be at your service within a few hours.

Do You Need a Repair or New Installation?

The garbage disposal simplifies your life. So, before you appoint us for the repair, we ask you to follow some good habits. First, treat it with care to keep it functional for longer.

  • Always use cold water to grind food
  • Do not overfill it
  • Before and after using, you need to run water
  • Never put bleach, chemicals, and drain cleaners into it
  • Never grind bones, overly fibrous materials, and coffee grounds
  • Avoid disposing of glass, rubber, and metal
  • Don’t use your hand to pull the material out – the pliers or tongs will do the part

Most of the fixes that we apply to garbage disposal systems are minor, and they do not cost a fortune. However, sometimes the problem is so deep that it would cost more to repair it than the price of a new or refurbished system. When this is the case, we advise our clients to invest in a new system as it will work out to be much cheaper.

Give Us a Call Today

Please do give us a call at My Plumber Kelowna for any issue regarding garbage disposals. Let us take the lead if your garburator produces abnormal noises or odours. Our experts will be glad to pay you a visit and make sure that your system runs smoothly, and does the job it is supposed to do. We promise to keep it in working condition for a longer time.

Trust your garbage disposal to the pros from My Plumber Kelowna, LTD. For immediate service, call us at 250-601-0000.