Faucet Repair

Get Professional Consultation from My Plumber Kelowna for Faucet Repair

Did you know your bathroom and kitchen sinks are the most used areas of your house? You may require undergoing a sink repair or replacement at one point in time or the other. As a homeowner, you aren’t professional enough to handle all the issues alone. Thus, you can consult us at My Plumber Kelowna for faucet repair solutions.

When to Consult Us for Faucet Repair Solutions?

At My Plumber Kelowna, we have the certifications and qualifications to manage and resolve your faucet repair services. Here are the signs when we can come to your rescue.

  • Your faucet is leaking continuously
  • The drain is slow or clogged
  • The pipes have become old
  • You can hear bubbling and gurgling noises
  • The sink produces a foul smell

When to replace a faucet?

Not all faucets need replacing every few years. Some work great for decades, while others don’t work properly a few months after a new installation. In general, you will want to replace your facet when:

  • The water pressure is too low on that faucet
  • The faucet drips and leaks even when you have closed it properly

Regular flow of hard water through the faucet can cause the metal to corrode over time. This results in thinning of the pipe walls, decreasing the water pressure. In the case of plastic pipes, the thinning occurs due to a reaction with chlorine in the water supply. In either case, replacing the faucet is the most cost-effective option.

If you notice any of the above problems, contact My Plumber Kelowna as soon as you can. You can conveniently have our licenced technicians take a look at your faucets. We don’t always recommend a replacement if the problem can be fixed more affordably.

Avoiding leaking faucets

The best way to avoid leaks from a new installation of faucets is to make sure that you get it done by professionals. Out plumbers in the Greater Kelowna area are experienced and well-versed with the building codes. We always install new fixtures in the safest manner possible.

Another way you can avoid faucet leaks is by, turning on the handles for hot and cold water gently, rather than tugging at them hard. This way, you won’t loosen the foundation of the faucet, and cause it to leak. Children are always impatient, and they generally tend to tug hard on the faucets.

At My Plumber Kelowna, we have hundreds of customers in this region who are very happy with our service and have been with us for many years. You could also hire us to learn why we are rated as the most dependable plumbing service in the area. Do not forget to contact us at the earliest signs of leakage, or lower water pressure in your faucets

Why My Plumber Kelowna is Trustworthy?

Professionals at My Plumber Kelowna have years of experience resolving plumbing issues. Our job is to give customers a better life. We perform the job dedicatedly by abiding by strict rules to ensure our customers have the most excellent experience.

So, if you want to enjoy 5-star rated faucet repair and replacement services from us, consult us today. We want to hear about our quality services from you.