Sewer line repair services

My Plumber Kelowna Sewer line repair services

The sewer line that enters your home, and leaves, is a complex system. It can develop its own problems, but many of the issues are caused by other parts of your plumbing system such as toilet and kitchen sink clogs.

A damaged sewer line that runs through your entire home can cause damage to your property, landscape, and vegetation. Call My Plumber Kelowna immediately if you suspect a sewer line leakage in the Greater Kelowna region.

Our plumbing experts will reach your location on the same day and inspect the problem. We have certified and licensed professionals who understand how sewer lines work, and what compliance codes are applicable to the city. We can therefore diagnose the source of leaks and fix them much more quickly than average plumbers.

What causes problems with sewer lines?

Clogs and bursts are some of the most common problems with sewer lines. They can be caused by:

  • Clogged drains, toilets and other areas
  • Very old sewer pipes (more than 15 years old)
  • Low quality materials used for valve and pipes, anywhere in the plumbing system

Our professional plumbers will be able to tell you exactly what is causing your sewer pipes to leak, and offer a fix that will stay for many years to come.

When to call for sewer line repairs?

When it comes to sewer lines, it is best to fix them before the problem gets bigger. Here are some indications that you should call a professional plumber to have you system checked thoroughly:

  • You flush the toilet and it never empties completely
  • You can distinctly hear the sound water hitting clogs near the sewer lines
  • The piping gurgles after you flush the toilet
  • Waste water rises up and spills into your lawn
  • When you find standing or still water anywhere in your lawn

These could be signs of either a broken sewer pipe or a clog somewhere along the plumbing system. Either way, the most sensible way to handle this is to give us a call. Our Metro Kelowna plumbers will reach you on the same day, and take a look at your system.

What we do

Our experienced plumbers will first find the source and location of the leak or clog. Once we have done that, we can fix the leak with two primary methods – trenches and trenchless.

With the trenchless method, we locate the leak precisely and dig a very small hole at the leaky location. When we have access to the leak, we can apply solutions to plug it. This is the least invasive method and keeps the look or your lawn intact. It works best when the leaks are small and can be easily fixed.

However, if the clog is particularly big or the leak is deep underground, digging a trench at the location of the leak is the best way to go about it. This allows us to clean the sewer pipe more thoroughly. Trenches are also the only option, when sewer pipes are to be replaced.

With our friendly and helpful plumbers at your service, you don't have to worry about anything. We find the most optimal methods to fix your sewer line, and help you make your lawn look clean again. What's more, you can avail our services for affordable rates.

Preventing sewer line problems

You can prevent bigger problems with your sewer lines by using the following tips:

  • Don't flush heavy pieces of paper down the toilet
  • Don't let children flush toys and other objects, by keeping an eye on them
  • Periodically check for strange sounds from the pipe, which may indicate slower drainage

Call My Plumber Kelowna at the smallest sign of any of these problems, even slow clogs. An affordable inspection today can save you a massive repair costs, a few months or a year down the line.