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My Plumber Kelowna Toilet Repair Services

Have a toilet clog that won't go away? Call 250-601-0000 for professional clogged toilet repair in Kelowna.

A clogged toilet is literally a show stopper, and as it will derail a lot of other things at homes or offices. Most clogs can be removed with a plunger by anyone.

However, when it is too much for a plunger to handle, you will need professional assistance to unclog it. They can help you handle any extent of damage, by using more sophisticated methods and tools. Because you simply cannot do with a clogged toilet even for even a few hours, we provide 24/7 clogged toilet repair in the Greater Kelowna area.

You no longer have to worry, even if the clog has gone out of hand. Our plumbers are experts at detecting the cause of the clog, and they will efficiently fix it in the shortest possible timeframe.

As a dependable service company with thousands of customers over the Metro Kelowna area, we are no strangers to clogged toilets. We guarantee you that we can fix it, regardless of what caused it, and how severe it is.

How to toilets get clogged?

This happens mostly because we tend to flush unwanted things down the toilet, especially if it is not equipped to handle. The only things that can be safely flushed down the hole the human waste, and a moderate amount of tissues. However, many households tend to dump objects like:

  • Thick tissues
  • Small bottles and other objects
  • Hair dressing items
  • Fresheners
  • Cat litter
  • And more

These things can either clog up your toilet right away, or build up over a period of time and cause massive clogging. You have greater chances of getting clogged toilets, especially if you have children at home. They tend to like putting things into the toilet just to see what happens. Using toilet seat clips can help avoid this.

A little less frequently, but not uncommonly, a clogged toilet can also be an indication of a problem deeper in your drainage system. This is even more serious, and you will definitely require assistance from a professional plumber to unclog.

What we do

If the clog cannot be removed with a plunger, we use a spectacled device called as an auger. It is a long and strong cable that can be inserted deep into a toilet’s drain to remove the clog. Our professional plumbers are experts at handling the auger, and they can easily unclog even the heavily clogged toilet in minutes.

In more severe clogs, we may take apart your toilet, so that we get wider access to remove a particularly hidden pile of things that have caused it. For clogs that are too deep into the toilet drain, we use hydro-jets. We receive dozens of request from customers with clogged toilets every week, so we have seen every type of clog there is. We know how to fix those, and make your lives easier.

Avoiding clogs

Of course, your life will be made even easier if you did not have those clogs in the first place.

Here are some ways you can avoid them:

  • Make sure you routinely check your overall drainage system (our plumbers will do this for a moderate fee)
  • Use the toilet like you should – a toilet where you flush down waste and maybe the tissues, nothing else.
  • Do not treat it as garbage can, where you can dump anything you want to throw away.
  • Don’t let little children near the toilet alone as they will want to flush down toys or any object they have in hand

Toilet clogs are definitely avoidable, but for those times when they have happened anyway, My Plumber Kelowna is always at your service. Give us a call if you have a clogged toilet anywhere in the Greater Kelowna area.

We are the experts in clogged toilets! Call us today at 250-601-0000 for immediate service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!