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By Dave Bangar

Four Signs You Have Tree Roots In Your Pipes

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How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Plumbing and How to Resolve the Issue

Living in a city like Kelowna means being surrounded by nature and having lots of trees on your property. Unfortunately, though, while they are beautiful to look at, if trees are located too close to your home, their roots can start growing into your pipes and cause serious damage to your plumbing system.

In this article, we will identify the four main signs that you have tree roots in your pipes and explain the damage this can cause and how to resolve the issue.

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What Happens When Tree Roots Start Growing Into Your Pipes?

Tree roots are very invasive and can be incredibly damaging to your plumbing system, leading to a wide range of problems, such as:


Tree roots can grow into your pipes and block the flow of water. As the roots continue to grow, this can cause serious blockages that are difficult to remove and lead to major problems like a sewage backup.

Damaged Pipes

As the roots grow and expand, they can damage your plumbing. Roots can create cracks in your pipes and even cause them to burst, which can lead to leaks and other serious plumbing problems.

Costly Repairs and Maintenance

When tree roots are removed from your pipes but the underlying issue is not addressed, the problem can reoccur, requiring your plumbing to be frequently cleared out. It can also cause major damage to your plumbing that is expensive to fix. 

How to Know if Tree Roots Are Growing In Your Pipes

As previously stated, tree roots can be incredibly damaging to your plumbing system if they begin to grow inside your pipes. Fortunately, this issue can be easily detected if you know what to look for.
Below, we have listed the most common signs to look out for that indicate you may have tree roots growing in your pipes.

Water Isn’t Draining

If you notice that water is pooling up in your sink or shower and it takes a long time to drain or doesn’t drain at all, this is a sign that you have a blockage. While a blockage can be caused by a number of things such as hair and food debris build-up, tree roots may be the culprit if you have lots of trees on your property that are close to your home. 

Strange Noises

Gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from your sink or shower is a sign of a blockage in your pipes, possibly caused by tree roots.

Foul Smells

Foul smells coming from your sink or shower could be a sign of a sewer backup due to roots growing in your pipes.

Water Around Your Foundation

If you notice that there is standing water pooling up around the foundation of your house, it could be a sign that there is a leak in your sewer line caused by tree roots.

How to Remove Tree Roots From Your Pipes

If you have tree roots invading your plumbing system, you should never attempt to resolve the issue yourself unless you are a licensed plumber. Once a Kelowna plumber has confirmed that tree roots are growing into your plumbing system, they will typically follow these steps to help resolve the issue:

  1. Identify where inside your pipes the roots are growing using a plumbing snake or camera.
  2. Cut the roots using a root saw or root cutter.
  3. Flush the pipes with water to remove any debris or remaining roots causing a blockage.
  4. Prevent future root growth by using a chemical root killer or installing a physical barrier such as a root barrier or sleeve.

If you suspect that tree roots have started growing into your pipes, you should be contacting a plumber immediately to resolve the issue right away and prevent serious damage to your plumbing system.

At My Plumber Kelowna, we have a team of licensed, trained, and highly experienced plumbers who can assess the situation and recommend the best course of action. Depending on the severity of the issue, this may include removing the roots, repairing or replacing damaged pipes, or installing new pipes to prevent future root growth.
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