6 Signs Of A Hidden Water Leak In Your Home - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

6 Signs of a Hidden Water Leak in Your Home

Things to Look For If You Suspect You Have a Leak From the costly water damage to the skyrocketing water bills, not k...

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Tips For Maintaining Your Water Heater in Kelowna - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Water Heater

How to Preserve Your Water Heater Through Regular Maintenance As a Kelowna homeowner, your water heater is one of the...

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How To Install a Water Softener System - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

How To Install a Water Softener System

Step By Step Instructions For Installing a Water Softener Yourself If your hair is feeling dry and lifeless or you’re...

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Winterizing Your Outdoor Faucets in Kelowna - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

8 Tips for Winterizing Your Outdoor Faucets

How to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures Winters in Kelowna are sunny, snowy, and incredibly beautiful. How...

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Upgrade Your Bathroom On A Budget in Kelowna - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

9 Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom on a Budget

Bathroom Renovations That Won’t Break the Bank For every homeowner, the bathroom should be a relaxing, private oasis....

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Winter Plumbing Tips For Vacation Homes In Kelowna - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

5 Winter Plumbing Tips for Vacation Homes in Kelowna

How to Properly Winterize Your Kelowna Home Kelowna is a gorgeous city with incredible mountain views and tons of rec...

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How To Identify And Fix A Running Toilet - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

How To Identify and Fix a Running Toilet

Why Your Toilet Is Constantly Running and How to Resolve the Issue A running toilet is one of the most common plumbin...

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Choose The Right Sump Pump For Your Basement - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Sump Pump for Your Basement

The Different Types of Sump Pumps And How To Find the Right One As a Kelowna homeowner, having a sump pump installed ...

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