Four Signs You Have Tree Roots In Your Pipes - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

Four Signs You Have Tree Roots In Your Pipes

How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Plumbing and How to Resolve the Issue Living in a city like Kelowna means being surrou...

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Snaking Vs. Water Jetting Plumbing Methods - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

Snaking vs. Water Jetting: Which To Choose

Understanding the Two Most Common Methods Used to Dislodge Plumbing Clogs When it comes to dislodging stubborn clogs ...

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French Drains: What You Need To Know - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

French Drains: What You Need to Know

In rainy climates like the Okanagan, wet and muddy backyard yards, damp basements, and water damage are major concern...

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Tips For Cleaning Your Drains - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

Plumber-Approved Tips For Cleaning Your Drains

It’s no secret that shower, bathroom, and kitchen sink drains can become a breeding ground for bacteria when they don...

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Best Ways To Prevent A Sewer Backup - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

The Best Ways To Prevent a Sewer Backup

Between the smell, the cost, and the inconvenience, a sewer backup is one of the most unpleasant things a homeowner c...

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Plumbing Is Important In Custom Homes - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

Why Rough In Plumbing is Important In Custom Homes

When building a brand-new custom home from the ground up, everything is built from scratch, from plumbing and electri...

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Sump Pump Battery Backup? - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

Do I Need a Sump Pump Battery Backup?

Nothing in life is guaranteed to work perfectly 100% of the time. This includes sump pumps. While sump pumps are an i...

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Plumbers Use To Unclog Drains? - My Plumber Kelowna


By Dave Bangar

What Do Plumbers Use to Unclog Drains?

A clogged drain is an annoying problem that every Kelowna homeowner has had to deal with at some point. But sometimes...

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