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By Dave Bangar

What Is Kitec Plumbing and Why You Should Replace It

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The Issue With Kitec Plumbing and When It Should Be Replaced

Kitec plumbing is a plumbing system that was invented and introduced in the mid-1990s. It quickly became popular due to its ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. However, it has since been discontinued due to numerous issues with the pipe material, and homes that were built with this plumbing system will need to have it replaced sooner than later.

In this article, we will explain what Kitec plumbing is, the issues it can lead to, and the reasons you should have it replaced in your home. 

What is Kitec Plumbing and Why is it an Issue?

Kitec pipes were made from a type of polymer that was commonly used in homes and commercial buildings between 1995 and 2007.

It became popular during this time because it was more cost-effective than copper pipes and easier to install. It was also marketed as being resistant to corrosion and scale buildup. However, by 2005, companies began issuing recalls due to premature pipe failure and eventually, it was discontinued.

The main issue with Kitec plumbing is that the pipes are prone to spontaneous cracking and bursting, which can lead to serious issues such as water damage and mould and require costly repairs.

It’s believed that the root cause of this issue is the brass fittings that connect Kitec piping. These fittings contain high amounts of zinc, which, when exposed to moisture and oxygen, can break down. The Zinc oxide can also lead to blockages in the piping, which is what causes them to burst.

Furthermore, Kitec pipes can only withstand a maximum temperature of 82 degrees Celsius, so when they are exposed to hot water, they can also break down further. 

The Importance of Replacing Kitec Plumbing

As previously mentioned, Kitec plumbing is prone to failure and can lead to a number of serious plumbing issues like burst pipes, blockages, and more. When these issues occur, the damage can be incredibly costly to repair. For this reason, it is worth the investment to have your Kitec plumbing replaced before issues start to arise. 

When Should Kitec Plumbing Be Replaced?

It’s estimated that Kitec plumbing begins to malfunction around ten years after installation, however, we do not recommend waiting until the ten-year mark to have your plumbing replaced. As soon as you find out that you have Kitec plumbing in your home, you should get in touch with a plumber right away to discuss having the pipes replaced. 

What Does the Plumbing Replacement Process Entail?

The process of replacing Kitec pipes can be incredibly invasive and complicated, as the entire plumbing system will need to be replaced.
Here is what this process typically looks like:

Inspection and Assessment

A qualified plumber will inspect the existing Kitec plumbing system to determine the extent of the damage and the amount of replacement work required.

Shutting off the Water Supply

The water supply to the affected areas of the plumbing system is turned off to prevent any further water damage and ensure it is safe for the plumber to complete the work.

Removal of the Old Pipes

The plumber will remove the old Kitec pipes, either by cutting them out or by using a special tool to pull them out of the walls and ceilings.

New Pipes Are Installed

New, more reliable pipes such as copper, PEX, CPVC, or PVC pipes are installed to replace the Kitec pipes. This process may also involve installing new fittings and connections.

Testing and Inspection

The new plumbing system is thoroughly tested to ensure that there are no leaks or other issues.


Any drywall or other materials that were removed during the replacement process are replaced, and the area is restored to its original condition.

The process of replacing Kitec plumbing can be incredibly complex and requires the expertise of an experienced plumber. So, if you’re considering replacing Kitec pipes in your home, contact the plumbing experts at My Plumber Kelowna right away. 

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