Clogged Drains

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How to Deal With the Ugliest Plumbing Emergency Needs of Life: Clogged Drains

The sewer main lies buried deep under the ground while the pipe is something you always ignore. However, it is the pipe that leads to all kinds of plumbing emergencies like clogged drains. Everything that you pour down the toilet, shower or sink, ultimately leaves your house through the sewer pipe. Whenever there’s a clog, it results in the messiest and dirtiest disasters that homeowners have to deal with. Clogged drains lead to backup, which is not just revolting, but it also smells horrible due to contamination. Of course, it can lead to health hazards too.

What Homeowners Expect?

Undoubtedly, homeowners experience clogged drains, sewer and blockage at various time during their occupancy. While the smell alone can be a major problem, the mess around is a reminder that professional help is required to clean up clogged drains and all the mess around. Raw sewage also carried harmful bacteria, which, if not handled on time, can lead to complications. This is something that you cannot just do-it-yourself. It is the task of a professional plumber with required experience, skills and equipment to handle worst drainage and sewer problems.

Understanding How It all Happened

Like any complication, it is very important to diagnose the root cause of the problem. If you can identify the source of the clog, it becomes easier to start cleaning up the mess and call for replacement or repair. Generally, clogged drains are caused by foreign objects and deposits. When a drain or pipe is inspected, plumbers try to find out a combination of multiple factors. Whilst every clog has certain unique properties, there are a few solutions that can be effective for every situation. And, if you know how the clog happened, it can solve half of your problem.

DIY Don’ts

People are generally tempted to start doing the hard work to clear out drains. But is it really possible? Well, simply using the wire hanger can dislodge the clog for the time-being but, that’s just it! After pouring tons of store-purchased drain cleaner, which is extremely hazardous, clogged drains may not clear out as expected. Strong solvents may be able to dissolve grease and hair, but it might even burn your skin and damage the floors, cabinets and finishes. Inhaling these solvents can also burn your esophagus. So, instead of trying such hazardous measures, it is best advised to call a plumber.

Why Choose Plumbing Professionals?

Because, plumbing professionals are equipped with special tools that allow them to unclog drains, which you don’t have an access to. The tools used by professionals for cleaning clogged drains ranges from small to large equipment, which requires expertise of handling. Larger clogged drains need power rooters and compact vacuums for cleaning, only available with trained professionals.

Thus, calling a professional plumbing service provider to handle such odd jobs is the only guaranteed way of saving money and getting correct diagnosis.