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If you noticed your sinks are constantly clogged or have slow drains, your pipelines are in need of drain cleaning! Trust our expert plumbers to handle your drain cleaning services in Kelowna. Call us at 250-601-0000 for your free estimate.

Every homeowner should get the draining cleaning service dome, every few years. If you are experiencing clogs and slow draining, anywhere in the Greater Kelowna area, make sure you contact use at My Plumber Kelowna immediately. We will have our experts get in touch with you, and take a look at it.

Why regular drain cleaning?

You wouldn’t drive your cars without proper oiling and an inspection every few months. Otherwise, small problems with develop into bigger ones, until you have to pay a huge bill to get the parts replaced. Your drainage system is very similar to that. It has a number of areas you cannot see, and therefore a problem is not visible unless it shows up on the outside, and hampers your daily life.

Regular drain cleaning will ensure that:

  • Your drainage system remains clean and does not collect unwanted objects.
  • Substances like oil do not stick to the pipe walls, and collect dirt
  • Your pipes are cleaned regularly, and are replaced before they are about to burst.
  • You save money on a deep drain cleaning, which can be caused due to severe clogs that have not been cleared for long.
  • You protect your property from massive clogs, and water flowing inside.

The best way to maintain a healthy drainage system is to schedule regular cleaning by our professionals. If you live in the Metro Kelowna area, My Plumber Kelowna is just the best service you can get. We employ certified plumbers who know their way about the drains, and are experts at weeding out the problems, and fixing them.

When you need drain cleaning

Even if you do not want to spend money on routine drainage cleaning, there are some signs that indicate that you need to get your drain cleaned as soon as possible:

  • Your water drains slowly from sinks, tubs, and toilets
  • There is bad smell emanating out of your drain or toilet
  • You find your toilets overflowing frequently
  • Water comes up through the drains and spills outside

All these things tell you that if you do not clean the drain within a few days, you will experience a massive clog somewhere in the near future. Many a times, drains accumulate grime and objects that are not meant to be there. This is why you experience slowing drains. As more of these things grow into a pile, they will clog up eventually.

What we do

When you schedule a drain cleaning service in Greater Kelowna with My Plumber Kelowna, our professionals will:

  • Inspect your drainage from the outside
  • Check your faucets and toilet and make sure that they are draining quickly
  • Use plungers and augers to unclog any small objects that might have accumulated under the sink, or in the toilet drain.
  • Clean the drain with a hydro-jet using high pressure water flow, which will even remove stubborn roots that grow inside pipes

At the end, your drainage system will be as good as new. In the process, we also inspect your pipes and make sure that they have not developed cracks. If they are older than 15 years, we recommend you change the pipes, as newer ones are much more durable, stronger, and will not erode as fast over time.

Avoiding drainage clogs

Many people consider it unnecessary to clean their drains by hiring the professionals every year. While we do not recommend that, here are a few ways to keep the drainage as clean as possible, for longer periods of time.

  • Don’t flush down oil and grease down the toilet, or trough any other sink, as it can make grime even worse, and stick to the walls of your pipe
  • Don’t flush heavy paper down the drain as it will clog up more than any other thing
  • Don’t let children drop toys and other objects down the toilet
  • Pour boiling water down your toilet and sink once every few weeks, to melt oil and other things sticking to the pipe

If you experience a drain clog even after that, you can always rely on our expert cleaning services in Greater Kelowna. Call us today at My Plumber Kelowna.

If you suspect a clog, call the experts from My Plumber Kelowna, LTD. at 250-601-0000 today.